The following lays out further details for membership subscriptions and other fees for Leeds Gilbert & Sullivan Society.

Do Ask

For anyone who will struggle to pay the subscription and fees, do just ask for a private chat with one of the Committee.  We will listen and look to find a fair solution.

Student:  see specific information below.


We have three ways in which members contribute to the Society, which helps balance for how we each get different things from the society.  We have a general Membership Fee which we all pay, a Show Fee paid by those involved in the main shows, and a Company Rehearsal Contribution to help cover for the rehearsal room costs.  See below for details on each.

1. Membership Subscriptions

To be a member of Leeds Gilbert & Sullivan Society you pay the yearly subscription fee. For 2017/18 this is £40 per member.

The year is 1st September to 31st August, so membership fee will normally be paid in September (and certainly expected by end of October). Obviously, with the changes coming this year, we ask for payment by the end of November.

If anyone would find it easier to pay in instalments, that can be accommodated as £10 a month, but please align this with us first.

Lifetime Members do not pay this subscription.

2. Show Fee

To perform in a Leeds G&S Show you also pay a Show Fee.  For 2017/18 this is £50 for each production.

The Show Fee is due from each of us who are an on-stage performing member of the company.  There will be obvious situations where it does not apply (e.g. a stage hand moving set around).

This should be paid by the first floor rehearsal for the show.  So, for The Mikado we ask for all payments in by January 2018.

For the next Autumn production, this is likely to be by July 2018.

The Show Fee is payable by all, including Lifetime Members and paid professionals.

Again, anyone who would find it easier, there is the option to pay over instalments - please confirm this with Richard, Heather or Shirley first.

3. Company Rehearsal Contribution

We ask people to contribute £1 at each full company rehearsal (to which they are called) for the Main Production and some Concerts. These would include:

  • Monday company rehearsals
  • Sunday company rehearsals

We will ensure that the Rehearsal Schedule is up-to-date and clear on which rehearsals you are called to.

If a member misses a rehearsal (or more!?!) we expect them to pay double (or appropriate) at the next rehearsal.

If someone is called for only a proportion of the rehearsal, we ask that they pay only this proportion.  For example, if you are called for only half, throw in 50p.

Also, if you are called for a rehearsal, but not used, we understand if you choose not to contribute. At least until we get to 4 weeks before the first performance. From 4 weeks to go, we should all be there watching or grabbing a space and running lines.

We do not plan to ask for the Company Rehearsal Contribution for the Autumn production. This is mostly because of the logistics of doing so.

We will not police these payments, relying on the honesty of the members. We will remind people from time-to-time.

Alternative to Weekly £1 Contribution.

Some members may prefer to pay for their Main Rehearsal Contributions upfront, and avoid having to remember to bring a £1 to each rehearsal.  The exact number of rehearsals will vary by production, but on average we believe there will be twenty.  So members can pay a single £20 payment with their Production Fee instead.


We ask Students to pay 50%.  So half the membership fee (£20) and half the show fee when they perform (£25).

Payment Process

The Committee's preference is that Members pay through the My Donate site.  However, we understand that some will want to pay in different ways, so we can also accept any of the following.

1. Online via MyDonate Site

Using the link above you will find the following 5 options (although, "freehand" payment amounts are also possible):

  • £40 - Society Membership subs
  • £50 - Main Show Production Fee
  • £50 - Autumn Show Production Fee
  • £90 - Membership AND Main OR Autumn Production Fee
  • £110 - EASY Membership, Main show + Rehearsal Contributions


2. Online via Personal Internet Banking

Ask anyone on the committee who can provide you with the Bank Details.

Please, clearly mark with your Surname, and ideally a shorthand for the payment (e.g. "Pascoe_Subs")


3. Cheque.  Made payable to "Leeds Gilbert & Sullivan Society" and handed to Gillian Myers.

4. Standing Order via Bank.

5. A Combination of these options.