We are really excited to announce that the Autumn Show is confirmed for this year. We are excited and humbled to also announce that we will be producing the show:  Richard will direct and Heather will be MD. 


You probably have a few questions, so read on to find answers to the most likely ones. 


What is Closer Than Ever?

It is a vibrant yet intimate Off-Broadway musical first performed in 1989 and written by Maltby (creator of Fosse and co-lyricist for Miss Saigon) and Shire (composer of film music like All The President’s Men and for many years Barbara Streisand’s accompanist).

Wikipedia will tell you,  “Closer Than Ever features self-contained songs which deal with such diverse topics as security, aging, mid-life crisis, second marriages, working couples, and unrequited love. Maltby and Shire based many of the songs on real-life experiences of their friends, or stories told to them.[1][4] The revue won the Outer Critics Circle Award for Best Off-Broadway Musical “

There is no book, no libretto. It is an evening of glorious, fun, poignant and smart songs. 


Why Is this our choice?

A huge range of reasons, but we will highlight two. Firstly, it is great. Aficionados of smart musical theatre know it well for the range of storytelling songs it includes.  Secondly, it is small and flexible so we can take it to a few venues. 


Where and when?

Performance dates will be across the last two weeks of September. We are already booked into Thorner (28/09/18) and Seven Arts (29/09/18).  Other venues tbc in the two weeks before. 


What roles are there?

There are no set roles. Each song is a new scene with new characters. So we have some flexibility. The original is written for four singers (two women, two men), but we will do it with 6 or maybe 8 (always even split between men and women). Some roles are ideal for anyone who can call themselves, or pretend to be, soon-to-be to late middle-age. However, some songs can be delivered by anyone and we welcome everyone to audition. 


Auditions, when and what?

Pencil in the afternoon of the 28th April but we will confirm. We will provide copies of audition songs – there will be a solo for each main voice type, (soprano, alto, tenor, bass).  We will arrange a rehearsal to go through the songs with the Piano.  We will also tell you more on what to expect in the audition nearer the time. 


Is there a CD or YouTube clips?

There are two primary recordings: the original cast recording and the 2012 revival. We would recommend the latter, as it is closer to the style that we will do it in. It is not on Spotify, but other streaming services might.  There are some good YouTube clips, but hidden within a lot of high school performances. 


Grab us if you have any questions or want to chat about it. 


Heather and Richard