From the inspirational, award-winning director Anita Adams comes a musical the likes of which will dazzle and amaze.

Welcome to a sizzling Baltimore where we experience another opening, another show. This is Taming of the Shrew, a story that appears to be playing out backstage, as well as in front of the audience...

Take a love triangle that's more of a love hexagon, throw in a couple of gangsters chasing the wrong man and a show that's got to succeed or close, and you have the tremendous toe-tapping tale that is Cole Porter's legendary musical Kiss Me, Kate.

Tickets £8 - £17.50 with the usual concessions. Order yours through any member of Leeds G&S Society or from the City Centre Box Office.






Anita Adams

Anita trained at Bretton Hall College and is an accomplished musical theatre actress and director and has performed several lead roles both in London and regionally. She is an award winning singer. Anita has over 17 years experience as a Director and Choreographer and has worked extensively with a number … Read More


Jonathan Drummond

New Zealand born and bred, Jonathan studied Conducting and Piano at the University of Otago and has been involved in opera and music theatre productions in one capacity or another since he was 8. He moved to the UK two years ago, and since then has worked regularly with Opera … Read More


Paul Myers

Paul has been a member of the Leeds Gilbert & Sullivan society since 2007 when he crewed on their production of The Gondoliers. He was a regular crew member then up until 2011 when he stage managed their production of The Yeomen of the Guard and has continued to stage … Read More

Lighting Design - Steve Limb

Backstage - Simon Futers, Bryan Craven, Leigh Craven, Paul Harding, Judith Huntley

Set Design - Anita Adams, Matt Stirk

Properties - Judith Smith, John Haywood

Wardrobe and Make-up - Judith Huntley, Emma Stirk, Joy Suthern

Publicity - Katie Lister, Janet Johnston, Becky Barwick

Programme - Matt Stirk, Becky Barwick, Katie Lister

Front of House Manager - Richard Naylor



As this event is in the past, press coverage has been screenshot and hosted, with adverts removed.


Act One

A company of actors come together to put the finishing touches to a new musical production of Shakespeare’s ‘The Taming of the Shrew’. Fred Graham is the show’s producer, director and leading man, playing opposite his ex-wife Lilli Vanessi, the movie star who is now engaged to General Harrison Howell.

Fred and Lilli still have a tempestuous relationship and Lilli is jealous of Fred who is pursuing his new young ingénue, Lois Lane. Lois’s boyfriend Bill is a gambler and frequently misses rehearsals. He has racked up multiple debts and has just signed an IOU in Fred’s name for $10,000.

Backstage, Lilli shows off her engagement ring and reminds Fred it is the anniversary of their divorce. They end up reminiscing about the shows they did together when they first met, and it is obvious that both still have feelings for each other.

Two sinister gangsters show up to demand the $10,000 from Fred who doesn’t understand what they are talking about. They agree to come back after the show but warn him they’ll be watching. Flowers are mistakenly delivered to Lilli’s dressing room from Fred who tries to stop her reading the card which reveals they were actually intended for Lois. Lilli says she will read the card later onstage.

As the performance begins we see the beginning of the musical as Petruchio (Fred) wants to marry Kate (Lilli) but she has no intention of getting married. Despite his efforts to woo her, she refuses. During the performance, Lilli reads the card and realises that the flowers were not intended for her, so plays her role of Kate with added realism – and violence.

Off-stage Lilli threatens to leave the show, but Fred and the gangsters force her to stay so he can pay off the $10,000 gambling debt. As the show continues on-stage we see Petruchio and Kate’s wedding, with the gangsters now in place to make sure that Lilli doesn’t leave the stage – much to the bemusement of the rest of the cast.


Act Two

The second act opens during the interval of Shrew!, as the cast escape to the roof in the stifling heat. As the play then continues, Petruchio attempts to tame Kate on-stage whilst backstage Lilli’s fiancé General Howell, has arrived to take her away. Lois recognises him as a past lover, and Bill reacts badly, but Lois tells him that she will always be true to him in her fashion. Lilli leaves the theatre, leaving Fred bereft.

Meanwhile, the gangsters find out that their boss has been killed so the IOU is no longer valid. They are caught on-stage in costume and deliver a rousing tribute to Shakespeare in their own special way.

The conclusion of the play then takes place at the wedding of Bianca and Lucentio, but how can it end without Kate?



Fred / Petruchio

Jason Weightman

Originally from deepest, darkest Liverpool, Jason has been performing on stage since he was 9 years old (which is quite a long time ago now). Since finding himself in sunny Yorkshire in 2013 which is a long story and involves blancmange, Jason has performed in several productions with Leeds G&S … Read More

Lilli / Katherine

Rebecca Jelbert

Originally from Cornwall, Rebecca has been performing with Leeds theatre groups since 2015 where (in contrast to her own calm and demure personality she is sure) she has been repeatedly cast in the high-spirited, and slightly unhinged, character role. Lilli Vanessi is no exception and Rebecca looks forward to her … Read More

Lois / Bianca

Nicky Burrows

Nicky has been performing since she was 3 months old, when she was carried as a prostitute’s baby! At 16 she took a BTEC in Performing Arts, but after a slight change of plan at 18, went to Harper Adams Agricultural College. She now lives on and runs the family … Read More

Bill / Lucentio

Scott Penn

Scott joined the society in 2013 to play Samuel in Pirates.  Since then he’s specialised in good-time gods, perfect poets and awkward adolescents, playing Mars in Orpheus, Grosvenor in Patience, Chip in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee and Arpad in She Loves Me. When not on stage, Scott … Read More

First Gangster

Sarah Case

Sarah has performed on stage since the age of 14 where she played the neighbour in Andy Capp The Musical in Dronfield.  She has been a member of Leeds G&S for 11 years and as such has been privileged to play many leading roles including Princess Ida in Princess Ida, … Read More

Second Gangster

Matt Stirk

This year marks Matt’s 25th year a member of G&S and his 19th production with this company. Matt has also performed with LIDOS playing Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors and Ste in Supertown which was performed as part of the Edinburgh Festival as well as having it’s debut here … Read More


Matthew Oglesby

Matthew started singing in 1995 at Blackburn Cathedral, moving to and staying in Leeds from 2005 to further his studies. This is his twelfth production with the society; tenth as a principle cast member, unable to decide if he was an old man (The Duke in Patience, Maraczeck in She … Read More


Andrew Aspland

Andrew began his musical stage career with a forgettable rendition of the Knife Grinder in Oliver! Six appearances later saw him cast as the Major General in Pirates of Penzance, the oldest member of the cast. With Pish-Tush, The Colonel, The Carpenter and Old Adam he made his mark on … Read More


Philip Case

Having joined Leeds G&S 8 years ago, Phillip has enjoyed a number of varied principal roles including the child narrator in Into the Woods and Strephon in Iolanthe.  He has also used his day time job in decorating and property maintenance to help build sets and props for many past … Read More

Harry / Baptista

Richard Pascoe

Day-to-day Richard runs a small company that leads advanced presentation skills training. He has giggled his way through the last twelve Leeds G&S shows. His personal favourite was Into The Woods (Sondheim), acting as Musical Director and playing The Baker.


Heather Greenwood

Heather has been performing on stage since she was seven years old and has been lucky enough to play several lead roles with Leeds Youth Opera and Leeds G&S with whom this is her fourth show. Outside of theatre Heather is a music graduate (Leeds 2012) and teaches singing and … Read More

General Harrison Howell

Graeme Lister

Although Graeme has spent years trying to make an impact on (the) society, making a nuisance of himself as carpenter, foreman, citizen and peer without portfolio, it came as a surprise for him to be Generally elevated. If the words that he speaks seem less than shrewd to you, then … Read More


Katie Lister

Katie is celebrating her 20th year with Leeds G&S, which you’ll agree is impossible to believe, given her youthful good looks (she writes).  When not stage-managing Fred Graham’s somewhat ropey production of Shrew! she can be found working in communications for the NHS, whilst singing show tunes to herself.