The Mikado Poster

Spring 2018

Performances:  March 21-25 - 2018

Performed at the Leeds Carriageworks Theatre - main stage.

About The Show

Welcome to The Titus Is Pure Academy. This is the Mikado, but probably like you have never seen it before.

For me as a Director it is very important to re-imagine these pieces so that we can adore them in all their original glory but with new concepts that allow us to see them anew.... that allows new audiences to see them anew.

This is 1978 we are in a private school which has become very set in its ways. A surprise visit is announced from an infamous local inspector and all the teachers start to panic! The new teachers who see education running slightly differently in the future escape the panic by creating an incredible story which imagines their colleagues in a slightly different light.

It is very important to me that all cast members feel they are a massive part of the story, that the ensemble feel they are influencing the action and helping events unfold. This concept gave us something to really sink our teeth into. Everyone has created 2 characters the characters that exist in 1978 and the characters who live in the farcical story that is the Mikado. The Mikado is funny; it’s hilarious in fact and with our story within a story approach we have been able to grow the comedy in many ways and this has really brought the show to life.

We have had incredible fun putting this show together. It has more than a significant nod to the original and yet a new fresh look bringing the wonderful music to the stage once more. We hope you enjoy your trip with us to the 1970's or was that ancient Japan?


  • The Mikado (a school inspector)  - Matthew Stirk
  • Nanki-Poo (a school caretaker)  - Matthew Oglesby
  • Ko-Ko (head of PE and games)  - Jason Weightman
  • Pooh-Bah (the headmaster)  - Andrew Aspland
  • Pish-Tush (the school secretary)  - John Tattersall
  • Yum-Yum (a student teacher)  - Rowena Thornton
  • Pitti-Sing (a student teacher)  - Heather Greenwood
  • Peep-Bo (a student teacher)  - Emma Smith
  • Katisha (a school dinner lady)  - Sarah Case
  • Drama Teacher  - Scott Pennwood
  • Art Teacher  - Megan Henderson
  • Textiles Teacher  - Emma Stirk

Members of Staff :  Frances Ayers, Philip Case, Peter Chiles, Janet Clarke, Anne Futers, Emily Futers, Will Gausden, Rebecca Hall, Dave Harrison, Shirley Hoyland, Pat Kearney, Tony Lee, Peter Loveday, Amy Lynch, Sophie Moul, Gillian Myers, David Naylor, Carol Sass, Alan Stirk, Joy Suthern.


  • Director = Anita Adams;  Musical Director = Jonathan Drummond

Critical Response

"I thought it was marvellous".  Richard Pascoe