Closer Than Ever Poster

Autumn 2018

Performances:  September 21 - October 6 2018

Performed in four venues across Leeds:  Chapel Allerton, Meanwood, Bramley, and Rothwell.

About The Show

A rebound from unrequited love; the wonder of new parenthood; painful divorce and later joyous remarriage; lunchtime liaisons.  Every life is full of moments.  Every person sometimes feels closer than ever – but closer to what?

"Closer Than Ever" is a rarely performed show written by Maltby & Shire.  First performed in 1989, it won the Outer Critics Circle Award for Best Off-Broadway Musical.  It was revived in New York as recently as 2012.

Closer Than Ever is a tricky show to categorize.  It  is normally described as a “musical revue”.  In the world of Musical Theatre this normally describes a show with no through-story, often focusing solely on a selection of songs, often with dance (there was almost no dance) and sometimes also with sketches (there were no sketches).

If we were in the world of classical music, we would call it a “song cycle”, and we think this is a better term.  The audience experienced an evening of songs, one after the other.  There is no through story, there is no dialogue, and every scene introduces new characters struggling with new scenarios.

In a world where the same “old favourites” are available to see time and time again, this was something different.  Closer Than Ever is a rare gem; an evening that offered poignant charm through every door.


Note:  there are no named characters in this show - all performers played a range of characters across scenes.

  • Sarah Case
  • Emma Smith
  • Jazz Caine
  • Amy Lynch
  • Emma Stirk
  • Fraser Wilkinson
  • Scott Pennwood
  • Jason Weightman

Director = Richard Pascoe;  Musical Director = Heather Pennwood


Critical Response

"As always, the cast were supported by a creative team to the highest degree. Leeds G&S are really making their mark to give audiences something new and innovative – and that is great news for amateur theatre in this area."   Christine Castle - NODA NE Regional Representative.

"Thoroughly enjoyed the Show on Friday evening... So slick and the cast worked well together keeping up the pace.  If I was still adjudicating I would give it 9/10. Well done and congratulations all round.”