Orpheus In The Underworld Poster

Spring 2016

Performances:  March 15-19  2018

The Carriageworks Theatre, Leeds

About The Show

“And now for something completely different!” to quote Monty Python.  Yes, this was the first main non-G&S show we had performed since time immemorial!

Orpheus in the Underworld provided us with quite a few challenges, to say the least! How would we create two worlds of stark contrast? How would we make reference to all the magical happenings and how ould we pull off a Cancan with (and they won’t mind me writing this) not many high kicking capabilities?

The story of Orpheus is, at its heart, about rivalry, rivalry between brothers. Brothers who rule over worlds that are hugely different and yet brothers who are strangely similar in their dealings and jealous of each other’s possessions. Anita’s thought processes always begin at the heart of the story and after that go in all kinds of delightful directions!

Anita got to thinking about companies (after watching too many episodes of Pound Shop Wars), and it seemed to fit well with our very own rival factions. Once she hit on this idea, and given the fact that this is called Orpheus in the Underworld, it had to be pants pants and more pants!

Once an idea has settled she then combed through the script and the score to ensure that it would scan and work well without taking away from the original intent. Anita believed that the show provided us with all the fun and frivolity that the original intended and dare we say even added a fair bit more cheekiness!


  • Calliope - Janet Johnston
  • Eurydice - Heather Greenwood + Jazz Caine
  • Orpheus - Matt Oglesby
  • Chauffeur - John Tattersall
  • Venus - Hannah Crerar
  • Mars - Scott Penn
  • Cupid - Emma Smith
  • Jupiter - Richard Pascoe
  • Diana - Rowena Thornton
  • Juno - Joan Tattersall
  • Minerva - Katie Lister
  • Mercury - Becky Barwick
  • John Styx - Matt Stirk
  • Pluto - Jason Weightman

Company:  Jackie Dunderdale, Anne Futers, Emily Futers, Diana Ghirardi, Megan Henderson, Pat Kearney, Gillian Myers, Emma Stirk, Joy Suthern, Bethany Young, Bryan Butler, Michael Downey, Jonathan Drummond, Will Gausden, Dave Harrison, Graeme Lister, Bob Little, Peter Loveday, Dan Potts.

Director = Anita Adams;  Musical Director = Mike Williamson

Critical Response

Quotes pending.