Patience Poster

Spring 2015

Performances:  March 7-14 - 2015

Performed at the Leeds Carriageworks Theatre.

About The Show

Gilbert’s inspiration for Patience came from the aesthetic movement in art and literature, subjects which preoccupied the comic press in the late 1870s and early 1880s. The Pre-Raphaelites of the day such as Oscar Wilde and Algernon Swinburne were extensively caricatured, and Gilbert based two of his main characters on these two poets. Patience was written as a parody of aestheticism, just as our production is a parody of the original version!

It then made complete sense (to us, at least) to set Patience forward to the 1940’s, as the fledgling movie industry adjusts from silent movies to 'talkies'.  We set sections as gloriously over-acted scenes within the movie being shot on a realisitc looking camera from the era.scenes.  Other scenes were adapted to become the off-set comings and goings, where the egos of the big stars are clear for all to see.


Welcome potential investors to our quality, professional and successful film house.

With our current investors and managers nearing retirement and the film industry requiring us more than ever to look to the future and indeed reach for the stars we are in need of your talent and support.

We are delighted to have you here to witness the filming of our new picture, Patience. It is a charming musical romp through the lives of a pair of poets and their love for a village milkmaid. I am sure you will find it absolutely jolly utter and hope you will see its box office potential.

These are happy times ladies and gentlemen and we hope to bring some extra sparkle to our post war existence. Whilst you are here please feel free to meet the actors, tour the plot and indeed the dressing rooms, mingle with our staff and make yourselves fully at home. After all this is the Empyrean British Film Corporation and we find the real drama often happens off camera!


  • Reginald Huntington-Smythe as Reginald Bunthorne (Jason Weightman)
  • Archibald Beauvisage as Archibald Grosvenor (Scott Penn)
  • Loretta Tattinger-Eastington-Whitley-Jones as Patience (Heather Greenwood and Kate Rotheroe)
  • Lady Jayne Arabella Sangazure, Countess of Kirby as Lady Jane (Janet Johnston)
  • Annie Lovelock as Lady Angela (Rebecca Barwick)
  • Marjorie Startin as Lady Saphir (Emma Smith)
  • Aurelia Fortescue-Greencasket (Rowena Thornton)
  • Joseph C. Lovely as Colonel Calverly (Philip Case)
  • Clarence Dunstable as Lieut. The Duke of Dunstable (Matt Oglesby)
  • Ray B. Purchase as Major Murgatroyd (Matt Stirk)


Actors, Hopeful Actors, and Technicians:  Faith Church, Janet Clarke, Anne Futers, Emily Futers, Diana Ghirardi, Shirley Hoyland, Gillian Myers, Angie Smiles, Jackie Dunderdale, Felicity Dunk, Pat Kearney, Katie Lister, Abbie Palmer, Amy Small, Emma Stirk, Joy Suthern, Nasser Al-Awadhi, Bryan Butler, John Haywood, Harry Heyworth, Peter Loveday, Simon Bray, Michael Downey, John Finnigan, Dave Harrison, Bob Little, Graeme Lister, Richard Pascoe,  Dan Potts, Josh Ruddiman


  • Director = Anita Adams;  Musical Director = Mike Williamson

Critical Response

Coming soon.