The Pirates Of Penzance Poster

Spring 2014

Performances:  March 8-15 - 2014

Performed at the Leeds Carriageworks Theatre.

About The Show

Welcome to the Village Museum one and all!  We are very proud of our fabulous museum and very pleased to launch our brand new exhibition… ‘Pirates!’

We have retired our lovely ‘British Police 1829 to Modern Day’ exhibition to make way for our new guests who have arrived on loan from Penzance museum. Our Pirates of Penzance contain many representations of pirates from film and TV. The exhibition will take you on a journey through the history of pirating and contains many interesting artefacts.

Rather amusingly a note arrived with the exhibition saying, ‘please enjoy your new guests and prepare yourselves for some peculiar goings on. Since we redressed our House of Peers models into the pirates we have noticed some very strange changes in our museum. Every morning things need to be returned to their original positions and many exhibitions have become somewhat mixed up!’ Could it be that our visitors bring with them some mischief?

You can of course still visit some of our older exhibitions. Why not spend some time with our influential ‘Women Through History’? You can meet the first female Astronaut, chinwag with Kate Middleton and campaign for votes for women with our Suffragette. You can still meet our oldest exhibit – our model of a Major General is a father figure for all of our models.

There is plenty to see and do on your visit to the Village Museum we are so pleased to have you with us and look forward to welcoming you back in the future.  Until then – Ahoy, me Hearties!


Exhibition Hall 2 Women Through History

Hannah Burleigh - Joan of Arc, Sarah Case (Ruth), Faith Church - Eleanor “Nell” Gwyn,  Janet Clarke - Marilyn Monroe, Anne Futers - Florence Nightingale, Emily Futers - Emily Bronte, Diana Ghirardi - Virginia Wade, Shirley Hoyland - Queen Victoria, Laura Lister (Mabel on 8th, 10th, 12th & 14th March), Rachel Moriarty (Edith),  Emily Peace - Anne Bronte, Kate Rotheroe (Mabel on 9th, 11th, 13th & 15th March),  Angie Smiles - Vesta Tilly, Emma Smith – Cleopatra, Rebecca Barwick (Kate), Pat Kearney - Lady Baden-Powell, Charlie Perkin – Twiggy, Naomi Priest - Charlotte Bronte, Amy Small – Pocahontas, Emma Stirk (Isabel) - Isabel II of Spain, Joy Suthern - Amelia Earhart, Rachel Whittaker - Helen Sharman.


Exhibition Hall 1 British Police 1829 to Modern Day and Pirates!

Nasser Al-Awadhi, Bryan Butler, James Hart, John Haywood, Harry Heyworth, Gordon Lancaster, Simon Bray – 1800s Policeman, Michael Downey – 2013 Policeman, John Finnigan – Peeler, Will Gausden – 1980s Policeman, Dave Harrison – 1800s Policeman, Bernie Haynes – 1980s Policeman, Richard Pascoe (Sergeant of Police) – Detective, Scott Penn (Samuel), Dan Potts – 1940s Motorcycle Policeman, Josh Ruddiman – 1940s Policeman, Alex Schober – 2013 Mounted Police, Matt Stirk – Peeler, Jason Weightman (Pirate King), Peter Loveday, Matthew Oglesby, Steven Phillips (Frederic), John Tattersall (Major-General)


  • Director = Anita Adams;  Musical Director = Mike Williamson

Critical Response

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