I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change Poster

Autumn 2013

Performances:  November 21-23 - 2013

Performed at the Leeds Carriageworks Theatre - The Studio.

About The Show

This was a new adventure for us.  For decades we had enthusiastically stuck solely to Gilbert & Sullivan operettas.   These have all been wonderful experiences, but it must be admitted, they were consistent experiences.  We wanted to explore, in a small way, some new repertoire.

We also had two people in the society wanting to explore what it was like to direct and musical direct.  So the smaller Autumn Production was born.

I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change, with its small ensemble and band, relatively simple technical demands, and structure with separate scenes and discrete characters, was an easy choice for taking off our shoes and socks and jumping in.  And just as in the metaphor, after the initial shock it is great fun being in the water.


  • Becky Barwick
  • Phillip Case
  • Sarah Case
  • Matthew Oglesby
  • Richard Pascoe
  • Emma Smith
  • Emma Stirk
  • Fraser Wilkinson


  • Director = Sarah Case;  Musical Director = Richard Pascoe

Critical Response

Comments to come