Iolanthe Poster

Spring 2012

Performances:  March 4-10 - 2012

Performed at the Leeds Carriageworks Theatre.

About The Show

The G&S operettas have kept popular for so very long in part because of the satirical wit of Gilbert’s plots.  How he picks and pokes at the establishments of British society.  In Iolanthe it is the House Of Lords that gets a thorough satirical going over.

This felt like an ideal production to try a new angle on the classic.  The original has a prologue set in 1700, with the majority in the then present day of 1882.  We decided that the peers of our present day, 2012, were just as ripe for gentle ridicule.  Our lords looked and acted like modern day people of self-importance.

Our fairies were still fairies.  But rather than a homogenous set of identical spirits, we have diverse and exciting fairies spring from one of air, earth, water and fire.  They were also smart, feisty and powerful.


  • Celia – Sarah Case
  • Leila – Rebecca Barwick
  • Fleta – Emily Futers
  • Fairy Queen – Janet Johnston
  • Iolanthe – Lucy Brand
  • Strephon – Philip Case
  • Phyllis – Nicky Burrows
  • Earl Tolloller – John Tattersall
  • Earl Of Mountararat – Richard Pascoe
  • Lord Chancellor – Daryl Pickthall
  • Private Willis – David Parker

Ladies:  Sian Bates, Jacquie Battensby, Faith Church, Janet Clarke, Jennifer Drew, Jackie Dunderdale, Grace Farrell, Ann Futers, Di Ghirardi, Megan Henderson, Melody Horgan, Pat Kearney, Victoria Morrish, Victoria Parker, Amy Small, Andrea Smiles, Joy Suthern, Joan Tattersall, Rachel Whittaker, Emma Young.

Gentlemen:  Simon Bray, Bryan Butler, Mike Downey, John Finnigan, Will Gausden, Dave Harrison, John Haywood, Harry Heyworth, Matthew Kitchen, Christian Mannsaker, Matthew Oglesby, Peter Loveday, Tony Shaw, Matt Stirk


  • Director = Anita Adams;  Musical Director = Mike Williamson

Critical Response

Coming soon.