Utopia Ltd 1976

Spring 1976

Performed at the Leeds Civic Theatre.

About The Show

This is one of the least performed G&S operettas.  There is a kind reason for this, as Desmond Pratt laid out ,"One of the reasons given for this work's infrequent production is its demand for 18 principal singers"

There is a less kind reason, as Pratt also explains.  "Utopia, both in its caricature and music, is definitely a tail-ender of lesser compulsion than its predecessors.  It lacks that joyful, unexpected and extraordinary invention of greater works."


It may not be their best, but any G&S enthusiast yearns to give it a go.


  • Principals:  Pauline Brown, Kenneth Hill, Judith Naylor, Brenda Liversidge, Lew Paterson, Alan Wilcox, John Boylan, James Naylor, Fred Sowden, Larry Kelly, John Tempest, Ron Darrington, Norman Burton, David Duxbury, Margaret Beck, Becky Rowe, Christine Limb, and Valerie Micklethwaite.
  • Lifeguards:  Ernest Brady, Philip Cross, Peter Jeffs, and Peter Loveday.
  • Chorus:  P. Brewis, M. Cannon, P. Clayden, R. Davies, F. N. Ellis, G.A. Farrow, S. Jeffs, C. Jenkinson, M. Lumby, M. McDonald, A. MacTier, L. Meadowcroft, K. Malloy, E. Rookes, E. Scott, P. Smithson, M. Stoker, B. Taylor, S. Teale, B. Tempest, E. Thomas, J. Underwood, J. Vollans, E. M. Waterhouse, K. Whitaker, V. Aspey, N. Deagle, E. Ellis, B. Kelly, J. Kent, J. Keigh, G. Lumby, N. Mosey, H. Pawson, and W. Smart.


  • Director = James Naylor
  • Musical Director = Cathleen Hill

Critical Response

Desmond Pratt

"...this enthusiastic company has managed to muster a very good cast and a chorus who have mastered the intricacies of choral work."

Company of Leeds Gilbert & Sullivan Society - 1974

The Gilbert & Sullivan Society in 1974

What a truly wonderful photo of the society from 1974.  You may recognize some faces as they are still in the society nearly 50 years later!  How many can you spot?

1971 - Gondoliers

Gondoliers 1971

Spring 1971

Performed at the Leeds Civic Theatre, March.

About The Show


  • Marco:  Edward Child
  • Giuseppe:  Alan Stirk
  • Tessa and Gianetta:  Jean Sweet & Marjorie Stoker
  • The Grand Inquisitor:  Kenneth Hill


  • Director = James Naylor
  • Musical Director = Cathleen Hill

Critical Response


"Despite the initial hesitancy, the cast proved equal to the task in an opera which demands skilful stage management and a large number of soloists.

"Spirited performances came from Edward Child and Alan Stirk as the Gondoliers, and Jean Sweet and Marjorie Stoker, as their wives, but the star of the evening was undoubtedly Kenneth Hill, as the Grand Inquisitor."


Patience 1970

Spring 1970

Performed at the Leeds Civic Theatre, April 2-11.

About The Show

"There are so many 'lovesick maidens' wanting parts in the Leeds Gilbert & Sullivan Society's production of Patience that they have had to be formed into teams."

The chorus was too big and the society too popular, it seems.  James Naylor chose to split the 46 'lovesick maidens' and promised that they would be on stage two nights out of three, ensuring everyone had a turn.


  • Duke of Dunstable – Derek Scanlon
  • Patience – Pauline Brown
  • Lady Jane – Nancy Birkhead
  • Bunthorne – James Naylor


  • Director = James Naylor
  • Musical Director = Cathleen Hill

Critical Response

John Osmond

"It is hard to fault any aspect of a production that flows with consummate ease and artistry."

"With a chorus of nearly 50 this is a colourful and fast-moving production that clearly owes much to the musical direction of Cathleen Hill."