About The Show

Perhaps surprisingly this was the first the society's first production of Ruddigore.  Ronald H. Braime writes, "For this our sixth appearance al the Civic Theatre we are giving "Ruddigore", for the first time in the long history of the Society. I am confident that it will be as successful as our previous presentations."

It certainly surprised the critics.  P.W.J. wrote:

"It is difficult to imagine... why this priceless satire on the Victoran melodrama has been neglected for so long.

"Its needl-sharp with might once have shocked our prim ancestors but that degree of sensitivity must have mellowed years ago into an appreciation of its subtlety."


  • Dauntless – John Goodyer
  • Rose Maybud – Pauline Jagger
  • Sir Despard – Kenneth Hill
  • Mad Margaret – Doreen Taylor
  • Robin Oak Apple – James Naylor
  • Dame Hannah - Cicely Mollkin
  • Sir Roderic - Joseph Marshall
  • Old Adam - Sydney Smith
  • Zorah - Pamela Bailey
  • Ruth - Pauline Robinson


  • Producer/Director = James Naylor
  • Musical Director = Cathleen Hill

Critical Response

P.W.J. seemed a far:

"Not surprisingly a larger-than-life comedy character steals the show.  And the role of the roguish tar Richard Dauntless, is tailor-made for John Goodyer whose remarkable agility and buoyant spirits belie his portly appearance.

"Pauline Jagger pokes straight-faced fun at primness and propriety as Rose Maybud, and there is a devastating piece of realism from Doreen Taylor as Mad Margaret."


Winter 1958

Performed at the Civic Theatre in Leeds.  February 1958

About The Show

Welcome from Ronald H. Braime:

Iolanthe is so firm a favourite with all lovers of the Gilbert and Sullivan Operas that no words of mine are required to extol its virtues. Suffice it is to say that this is our fifth appearance at the Civic Theatre, and I have every reason to believe it will be us successful as our previous presentations.
We intend to divide any profit between the Leeds Children's Holiday Camp Association and the Headingly Orphan Homes. On their behalf as well us our own we thank you for supporting us by your presence this evening.
Will you help us maintain our high standard of production by joining the Society and by drawing the auction of your musical friends 10 our activities?


  • Lord Chancellor - James Naylor
  • Earl of Mountararat - Joseph Marshall
  • Earl Tolloller - John Goodyer
  • Private Willis - Albert E. Heaton
  • Strephon - Trevor Myers
  • Queen of the Fairies - Doreen Taylor
  • Iolanthe - Cicely Mollkin
  • Phyllis - Pauline Jagger
  • Celia - Pamela Bailey
  • Leila - Kathlyn Whitaker
  • Fleta - Joyce Wilkinson
  • Chancellor's Attendant - Anthony Braime


  • Producer/Director = James Naylor
  • Musical Director = Kenneth Hill

Critical Response


Winter 1957

Performed at the Civic Theatre in Leeds.  March 11-16, 1957

About The Show

Welcome from Ronald H. Braime:

The presentation of two operas in the same evening is ambitious, since it involves additional changes both of scenery and costume.  It has, however, a dual purpose:  first, since more principals are required, the Society can allocate parts to more of its members:  secondly, it gives you, our supporters, even better value for money!

"I am confident that this, our fifth appearance at the Civic Theatre, will be as successful and memorable as our previous productions."

The society seemed so concerned with the time constraints of two shows that the following was delightfully added to the programme:

"It is regretted that owing to the time factor and the difficulties of late transport, encores must be cut to a minimum."


  • Judge - James Naylor
  • Plaintiff Eileen Bragg
  • Defendant - Harry Thompson
  • Counsel - Trevor Myers
  • Usher - Kenneth Hill
  • Forman - Ernest Wilson
  • Associate - Geoffrey Hodges
  • First Bridesmaid - Mary Jenkinson


  • Producer/Director = Andrew Swift
  • Musical Director = Cathleen Hill


  • Major-General -  James Naylor
  • Pirate King - Kenneth Hill
  • Samuel - Trevor Myers
  • Frederic - John Goodyer
  • Sergeant - Donald Smith
  • Mabel -  Pauline Jagger
  • Edith - Cicely Mollkin
  • Isabel - Joyce Wilkinson
  • Kate - Kathlyn Whitaker
  • Ruth - Sophie Were


  • Producer/Director = James Naylor
  • Musical Director = Cathleen Hill

Critical Response

"Confident that they had the necessary resources at their disposal to produce two light operas for their annual show this year, the Leeds Gilbert & Sullivan Society are presenting 'Trial By Jury' and 'Pirates Of Penzance' this week.

"Their assurance seems to have been justified, for the overall result will please most Gilbert & Sullivan enthusiasts."

"Outstanding double performances were given by James Naylor, a bland judge and a swaggering major-general, and Kenneth Hill, whose comic court usher was a fine contrast with his impressive appearance as the pirate king. "

"Pauline Jagger, who appears Mabel, is a promising newcomer to the Society. She has a sweet and melodious voice which should ensure her plenty of parts in the future."


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Autumn 1952

Performed at St Joseph's Hall, October

About The Show

An autumn production at St Joseph's Hall in Hunslet.  Anyone know if the building still stands?


  • Archibald – Harry Slights
  • Patience – Eileen Blagg
  • Lady Jane – Mary Waterhouse
  • Bunthorne – Charles Moorhouse
  • Colonel - Kenneth Hill
  • Major - Albert Heaton
  • Duke Of Dunstable - Rowland Jackson
  • Solicitor - Raymond Brook
  • Lady Angela - Kathlyn Whitaker
  • Lady Ella - Lily Longley
  • Lady Saphir - Florence Headlam


  • Director = Willam Shaw
  • Musical Director = Cathleen Hill

Critical Response

"Mary Waterhouse deservedly earned her encores..."

"The team work of all blended well and the gusto and punch resulted ina  perfectly well rendered performance which gives full credit and pride to the producer, Willam A. Shaw"